About the Court

The Magistrates' Court of Victoria has a long and proud history of providing justice for the people of Victoria in local and regional Courts across the State.  The Court's objective is to provide an efficient, modern and responsive Court of summary jurisdiction designed to meet the needs of the community.

The Magistrates’ Court is the busiest court in Victoria, with 53 different locations around Victoria and handling approximately 90% of all cases which come before Victorian courts each year.  The Court deals with about 250,000 criminal and civil cases every year.

The Magistrates' Court of Victoria covers the main areas of:

  • Criminal Matters and Traffic Offences
  • Money Claims and Civil Disputes
  • Family Law
  • Family Violence and Intervention Orders
  • Fines and Penalties, including the Infringements Court
  • Specialist Court Jurisdictions, including the Drug Court and Koori Court

The Court also manages the Criminal Justice Diversion Program and a number of Court Support Services including:

  • Aboriginal Liaison Program
  • Court Integrated Services Program (CISP)
  • CREDIT / Bail Support Program
  • Enforcement Review Program