CREDIT Bail Support Program

The CREDIT/Bail Support Program was created from the merge of two court bail programs. In December 2004, in consultation with the Department of Justice and Corrections Victoria the Magistrates' Court of Victoria combined the Court Referral & Evaluation for Drug Intervention & Treatment Program (CREDIT) and the Bail Support Program (BSP).

The CREDIT/ Bail Support Program aims to achieve the following outcomes:

  • successful completion of bail by the accused who would otherwise be remanded in custody
  • reduction in the number of accused remanded due to lack of accommodation and/or treatment or support in the community
  • successful placement of the accused in drug treatment and/or rehabilitation programs
  • long-term reduction in involvement of the accused in the criminal justice system.

Clients may be provided with a range of services while on bail, including:

  • assessment and development of a plan for treatment and support
  • case management for up to four months, including support and monitoring
  • referrals and linkages to community support and treatment services.


  • any accused eligible for a period of bail may be referred to the CREDIT/Bail Support Program for assessment
  • the Program is available to the accused regardless of whether a plea has been entered or whether they intend to plead guilty or not.

Referral to the CREDIT/ Bail Support Program can be made by a magistrate, police officer, legal representative, court nominee, family or the client themselves. Clients are required to commit to treatment and attend regular support meetings with their case manager. Referrals can be located from the Related Publications menu on the right of this page and lodged via email.

Further information on the CREDIT/Bail Support Program is available from the brochure, the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria Guide to Court Support & Diversion Services on this website or by contacting the relevant court.

Area of Legislation: 

Contact CREDIT Bail Support Program (CBS)

The CREDIT Bail Support Program operates at each of the following courts:

 Ballarat(03) 5336 6387
 Broadmeadows(03) 9221 8950
 Dandenong(03) 9767 1361
 Frankston(03) 9784 5788
 Geelong(03) 5225 3385
 Heidelberg(03) 8488 6744
 Moorabbin(03) 9090 8096
 Ringwood(03) 9871 4479