Pay My Fine FAQ

Pay a fine from the Infringements Court or a Traffic Infringement Notice

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I have a fine – what are my options?

There are essentially four options available for anyone who has been issued with a fine. These options include:

  1. Pay the fine by the due date.
  2. Convert the fine to community work. Five hours of community work equates to approximately $100.00 and a minimum of 8 hours is required to be worked. If an order of compensation has been made, this amount can not be converted to community work. Further information on converting a fine to community work can be obtained from court staff in your local area.
  3. Fail to pay the fine and take no action. In this case a warrant will be issued for your arrest and provided to the Sheriff to enforce.
  4. Convert the fine to time in custody. This option should only be considered as a last resort. One day spent in prison equates to approximately $100.00 of a fine. Further information on converting a fine to time spent in custody can be obtained from court staff in your local area.
How do I convert a fine to community work?

If you wish to convert a fine to community work, you must attend a Magistrates’ Court and submit an application with the registrar. There is no fee payable to submit this application. The registrar will usually only grant an application if you are unemployed or if there is some exceptional reason why the fine cannot be paid off by instalments. Generally, if you are working the registrar will allow you to pay off the fine by instalments but this will be assessed on a case by case basis.

The registrar is allowed to ask you questions about your financial situation and request to see your financial records or documentation to support your application. In some cases, you may be required to swear an affidavit as to your financial situation.If your application to convert a fine to community work is granted, you will be asked to sign a form and be required to report to community corrections by 4pm, usually on that day or the next day.

It will be up to community corrections as to when and where you work and the type of work you perform. You will be required to do a minimum 8 hrs of work and the conversion is one hour for approximately every $20 owing.If your fine has resulted originally from an infringement and has come to court via the Infringements Court (for example, a parking fine), application for conversion of your fine can only be made to a magistrate and not to a registrar.

Payment Options for a  Magistrates' Court Fine.

If you did not receive a Blue Statement of Fines and Penalties


If you Received a Blue Statement of Fines and Penalties




In person at any Magistrates' Court

By mail to any Magistrates' Court

Blue Notice = BPAY

Blue Notice =  Auspost

Cheque / Cash / Money Order / *Efpos

*may not be available at all Courts

Cheque / Money Order

You must provide case details, payable to Magistrates' Court of Victoria

Contact bank to make payment from cheque, savings account, credit account.

Biller code and reference number on the blue notice.

In person (take the blue notice) at any Auspost outlet.

Part payments are not available through this process.


Contact the Magistrates' Court where your matter is listed or your nearest court. 
Contact details for all Victorian Magistrates' Courts are available under Contact Us


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