Registration of Interstate Judgment FAQ

Registration of Interstate Judgment

This FAQ is a guide only.  For further information, please review the Registration of Interstate Judgment section in the Civil Jurisdiction section.

 An order has been made by an interstate court regarding moneys owed to you.


 Obtain a certified or sealed copy of the Interstate Order.


Complete a *Affidavit in Support of Enforcement - Chapter II Form 3C.

*You can register the judgment without completing this step, however before you take any enforcement steps you must complete this affidavit


File the certified order with the Affidavit with the Magistrates court closest to where the debtor lives. To locate go to the Proper Venue page.

A filing fee is payable. Please refer to the Fess and Costs Ready Reckoner.


 The Magistrates' Court registers the order.


 The creditor may now attempt to enforce the order.

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