Infringements Court

The Infringements Court is a venue of the Magistrates’ Court, which deals with the processing and enforcement of infringement notices and penalties, such as speed camera and parking fines.

The Infringements System is based on administrative processing rather than hearing the case before a magistrate, unlike other matters falling under the jurisdiction of the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria which are heard in open court before a magistrate.

The role of the Infringements Court is to resolve large numbers of unpaid infringement notices lodged by enforcement agencies. This is designed to reduce the workload on the judicial and administrative resources of the hearing courts without removing the right of any individual to appear before a magistrate. These offences generally have fixed penalties and include parking offences, driving offences and litter offences. 

The Infringements Notice Process

When you receive an infringement, such as a parking fine, there are a number of options available to you. These options are clearly explained on any infringement notice you receive.

If you fail to take any action upon receiving the infringement, within the time specified, or fail to comply with a payment arrangement you have with the issuing agency, (eg. Melbourne City Council), a further notice will be sent to you. This is called a ‘penalty reminder notice’ and is a reminder to you that the amount is still outstanding.

The penalty reminder notice will allow you a further 28 days to finalise this matter. Where an enforcement agency issues a penalty reminder notice, additional costs are incurred against you.

If after 28 days from the service of the penalty reminder notice the matter is still unresolved, the enforcing agency may lodge the infringement notice particulars with the Infringements Court for further enforcement. The Infringements Court will usually make an order at this stage and a notice of enforcement order will be sent to you providing information on the amounts owing together with what options are available to you.

Take note that the longer you wait to act, the fewer options you will have and the amount you have to pay will increase.

For Infringement Court enquiries, please contact Civic Compliance Victoria.

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