Personal Safety Intervention Orders

Personal Safety Intervention Orders, Disputes and Mediation.

An application for an intervention order in the Magistrates’ Court can be made under the Personal Safety Intervention Orders Act 2010, where there is no family relationship, for example, where the parties are neighbours or friends.

The Personal Safety Intervention Orders Act commenced on 5 September 2011, and replaced the intervention order system in Victoria that was previously administered under the Stalking Intervention Orders Act 2008.

An application for a personal safety intervention order can be made, where a person fears for his or her safety, because of the behaviour of another person who is not a family member.

If the dispute is not violent, and there is no risk to the safety of a person or their property, then mediation and assistance from the Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria (DSCV) may help.

If a person has been subject to stalking behaviour, violence or threats of violence, then a personal safety intervention order may help.

Contact your local Magistrates’ Court by phone to enquire about a personal safety intervention order application.

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