Court Support Services

The Magistrates’ Court of Victoria provides a variety of services and programs to improve the Court’s responsiveness to the community when they attend Court. These initiatives support the objectives of the Court and provide improved understanding and communications between courts, the government, court users and the public.

In addition, Court Support Services aims to assist those accused who may present with issues of social or cultural disadvantage. These underlying issues may include having a disability, substance abuse or mental illness, all of which the Court aims to address by offering support programs to meet varying needs of accused persons. A number of programs refer court users to various services within the community for treatment and support, whilst being monitored by the Court. Such programs act to reinforce the link between the Court and the community and its service systems.

In many cases, the support programs offered by the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria can continue to provide assistance in the higher courts such as the County Court and the Court of Appeal.

Further information is available from the 'Magistrates’ Court of Victoria Guide to Court Support & Diversion Services' publication, available from the Related Publications menu.

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