Koori Court - Defendant's Guide

Defendant's Guide Guide for Defendants considering having their matter heard in the Koori Court

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Koori Court Unit, Magistrates Court of Victoria
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Magistrates' Court of Victoria
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Contact Koori Court Unit

The Koori Court Unit of the Magistrates' Court of Victoria oversees the management and administration of the Koori Courts.

Level 6,
223 William Street,
Melbourne VIC 3000
(GPO Box 882, Melbourne VIC 3001)
Tel: (03) 9032 0946
(DX 350080)

Koori Court Officers
A Koori Court Officer is based at each location that has a Koori Court.

Broadmeadows Koori Court

(03) 9221 8900

Melbourne Children's Koori Court

(03) 8638 3300

Mildura Koori Court (Adults and Children)

(03) 5021 6000

Shepparton Koori Court

(03) 5821 4633

Swan Hill Koori Court

(03) 5032 0800

Warrnambool Koori Court

(03) 5564 1111

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