Feedback - About our service

Feedback consists of information relating to our services, performance or the way we do our business.  Feedback may come in the form of a complaint, compliment or suggestion. 
We welcome your feedback as it provides the Court with information to improve the quality of our services.

Complaints and compliments

Complaints in relation to the conduct of court staff, services provided, court processes or procedures or court facilities must be in writing and forwarded to either:

  • The senior manager at the court location where the complaint has arisen; or
  • The Complaints Officer
    Magistrates' Court of Victoria
    GPO Box 882
    Melbourne, Vic.  3001

A complaint form is provided for your convenience in both PDF and Word formats.

You can also provide a compliment or suggestion using the details above.   

Complaints about a magistrate or judicial registrar

Complaints about the conduct or capacity of Victorian judicial officers may be made to the Judicial Commission of Victoria. The Commission is an independent organisation established under the Judicial Commission of Victoria Act 2016 to investigate complaints about judicial officers and VCAT members. The Commission provides an accessible and transparent complaint process which aims to ensure public confidence in Victorian courts and the VCAT is maintained. 

Fill out the online complaint form available from the Commission’s website ( 

For more information about making a complaint against a magistrate or judicial registrar, visit the Judicial Commission of Victoria website.  

Feedback about our website

The Magistrates' Court of Victoria is committed to providing the highest quality service on our web pages.  Your thoughts and suggestions are vital to assist us in providing relevant and useful information about the Court's services and processes.

Use this on-line form to provide feedback to the Magistrates' Court of Victoria about the WEBSITE ONLY.  

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