Media information

For all general enquiries, journalists should contact the Court’s Strategic Communications team by phone on 03 9032 0919 or by email at

The Strategic Communications team can provide general information such as case numbers, hearing dates and plea information if available, unless orders to the contrary exist. They can’t provide information from a court file, including charges, statements or tendered materials. 

Information on how media can apply to access documents from the court file is contained on the page Access to charges, documents and sentence information. 

Requests for interview 

Having regard to the obligations of independence, impartiality and fairness, judicial officers will not publicly comment on government policy or individual cases. The media is requested not to contact judicial officers seeking comment or interview. 

Journalists may make requests for comment in relation to general matters about the Magistrates’ Court. Chief Magistrate approval is required for any request of this type. Requests must be made in writing (email acceptable) through the Court’s Strategic Communications team or in writing (via mail) to the Chief Magistrate, 233 William St, Melbourne Vic 3000. 

The Court will generally only consider a request of this nature if a copy of the article is sent to the judicial officer or person interviewed, for approval, prior to publication.

Photographing and filming judicial officers

The media is requested to refrain from photographing or filming judicial officers entering or leaving a Court building. In some circumstances, a photograph of a judicial officer in court may be made available, if the judicial officer agrees. To request this material, journalists must apply in writing (email acceptable) to the Court’s Strategic Communications team.

Video and photography inside court buildings

Video recording or the taking still photographs inside court foyers or inside the court building is prohibited without the permission of the court. Journalists wishing to take video or photographs inside a court building must apply in writing (email acceptable) to the Court’s Strategic Communications team. This in accordance with the Conditions of Entry Policy. The policy applies to all Magistrates’ Courts in Victoria.