Court Integrated Services Program (CISP)

The Department of Justice and the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria established the Court Integrated Services Program (CISP) in November 2006. The program provides accused persons with access to services and support to reduce rates of re-offending and promote safer communities. 

CISP aims to:

  • provide short term assistance before sentencing for accused with health and social needs
  • work on the causes of offending through individualised case management 
  • provide priority access to treatment and community support services 
  • reduce the likelihood of re-offending. 

The CISP provides:

  • a multi-disciplinary team-based approach to the assessment and referral to treatment of clients
  • three levels of support based on the assessed needs of the client
  • case management for up to four months for medium and high risk clients
  • referrals and linkages to support services including drug and alcohol treatment, acquired brain injury services, accommodation services, disability support and mental health care
  • services for Koori clients such as the Koori Liaison Officer program.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Any party to a court proceeding can access the CISP by way of referral, including applicants, respondents and accused from all jurisdictions of the Magistrates’ Court, such as the Family Violence Division
  • The accused is on summons, bail or remand pending a bail hearing
  • The program is available to the accused regardless of whether a plea has been entered or whether they intend to plead guilty or not
  • The accused must provide consent to be involved in the program.

Referrals to the program

Referrals to the CISP can be made by the police, legal representatives, magistrates, court staff, support services, family, friends, or the person themselves. When referring a person to the CISP, please use the CISP Referral Form - available from the Forms and Publications panel on the right of this page.

Further information is available in the CISP brochure, the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria Guide to Court Support & Diversion Services on this website or by contacting the relevant court.

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