Documents and Recordings FAQ

Who can certify copies of documents? 

Any of the people who are authorised to receive Affidavits or witness Statutory Declarations may certify a document
When you require documents to be certified, you must ensure that you have the original document(s) to be sighted by the person who is certifying the documents.
It is also a good idea to ensure that you have the copy of the actual documents to be certified with you, as you may be charged a copy fee. The copies should be clear and legible.

Registrars and Deputy Registrars’ of the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria are available during normal business hours to witness statutory declarations or affidavits, or certify documents for members of the public.

What is the Court Result? Can I have an extract? 

The Court Result is the determination of the Court, made on the date upon which the matter was set down for hearing. Extracts of the Court Register are available to the parties to the proceeding (that is, the individual/s or organisation/s listed on the charge sheet, application or complaint). Any party who is not a party to the proceeding may make application to the Registrar requesting an extract of a court result. Please note that there are fees attached to the provision of extracts (See 'Scale of Costs' under the ‘Practice and Procedure’ - 'Costs and Fees' section of this website).

Who do I contact to arrange a video link? 

The video link facility is a communication tool utilised by the Magistrates Court of Victoria to enable Court users to communicate more efficiently. In order for you to make arrangements for a video link in the Magistrates’ Court, you need to contact the relevant Court Coordinator. The contact details are available on the Contact List on this web-site. Video-link facilities are not available at all Courts, so you should make the appropriate inquiries prior to any other arrangements being made.

How do I obtain a copy of the audio recording for a case that was heard? 

All proceedings in the Magistrates’ Court are recorded. If you wish to obtain a copy of the recording, you must complete the 'Request for Copy of Audio Recording' located under 'General Forms' and forward it to the Court where the matter was heard. If you require assistance completing the form, please contact the relevant Court.

The Magistrates’ Court retains all recordings for a period of 12 months from the date of hearing.

Only parties to the proceedings are permitted to obtain a copy of the recording.

They are:

  • Accused
  • Offender
  • Informant (including the prosecuting agency and/or their representative)
  • Plaintiff
  • Defendant
  • Applicant
  • Affected person/Affected Family Member/Protected Person
  • Respondent
  • Legal representative of any of the above

If any other person wishes to obtain a copy of the recording, a written request must be sent to the Chief Magistrate. The request should state the reasons why the person wants to access the recording. The Chief Magistrate will consider the request and advise approval in writing.

If a non-party wishes to obtain a copy of the transcript of a committal proceeding they must complete the ‘Request for Transcript in Committal Proceeding by a Non Party’ form.

Requests should be sent to:

Manager, Judicial Support Services
Melbourne Magistrates’ Court
GPO Box 882


The fee to get a copy of the recording is $55.00 per case, per day. For example, if you have one matter that runs for two days, the fee will be $110.00.

In most circumstances, recordings are copied and provided by the court within 14 days.

The Magistrates’ Court does not provide transcripts of court proceedings.  Agencies providing transcript services can be found in the Yellow Pages Telephone Directory under 'Court Reporting Services'.

For more information please read the Audio Recording Protocols Fact Sheet, which is available under the Related Publications Menu.


Contact the Magistrates' Court where your matter is listed or your nearest court. 
Contact details for all Victorian Magistrates' Courts are available under Contact Us