Register a VCAT Order

A monetary order has been made at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT)

This FAQ is a guide only. Contact the Magistrates' Court where your matter is listed or your nearest court.  Contact details for all Victorian Magistrates' Courts are available under Contact Us.


A monetary order has been made at VCAT.
Obtain a certified copy of the order from VCAT.
Complete an Affidavit in support of enforcement of monetary order (provided by VCAT or Magistrates' Court).
File the certifed order and Affidavit at the Magistrates Court closest to where the debitior resides. To locate the nearest court, go to the Proper Venue page.
The Magistrates' Court will register the order and send a copy to the creditor.
The Creditor may then pursue enforcement through the Magistrates' Court.
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