The Koori Liaison Officer (KLO) program became operational in 2002 and was a direct result of the Victorian Aboriginal Justice Agreement, a partnership between the Victorian Government and Victorian Indigenous Communities. This agreement was brought about by recommendations from the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody.

The program aims to address the over representation of Koori people in the Victorian justice system by working with Koori accused when they enter the court system. In addition, the service helps Koori people to maximise their chances of rehabilitation through culturally appropriate and sensitive intervention.

Any party to a court proceeding can access the KLO program, including applicants, respondents and accused from all jurisdictions of the Magistrates' Court, such as the Family Violence Court Division.

The KLO program operates as part of the Court Integrated Services Program (CISP) and offers the range of services provided by the CISP, including case management up to four months for eligible clients.

The objectives of the KLO program include:

  • to provide advice to Koori accused who come into contact with the court, and their families
  • to provide access to services for Koori accused who come into contact with the court
  • to raise awareness within the criminal justice system of cross-cultural issues
  • to provide advice and report to magistrates and relevant court staff in relation to appropriate courses of action for Koori accused
  • to liaise with local Koori communities to inform them of the court process
  • to consult, negotiate and liaise with government and non-government organisations to co-ordinate service delivery and promote knowledge of issues relating to Koori persons.

The KLO Program is located at the Melbourne Magistrates' Court, but is a statewide service.

Further information is available in the CISP Koori brochure, Magistrates' Court of Victoria Guide to Court Support & Diversion Services on this website or by contacting the program on the telephone numbers below.

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