Drivers Licence Eligibility Order Guide Update - 3 July 2017

We will be updating the Drivers Licence Eligibility Order Guide on our website. This guide is used if a person has been disqualified from obtaining a driver’s licence/permit for drink and/or drug driving or under the Sentencing Act for another offence and the person is not eligible to restore their licence directly with VicRoads.

The guide outlines what they are required to do to obtain a Licence Eligibility Order. It also outlines whether an Alcohol Interlock Condition may or must be imposed on their licence and for how long.

What has changed

  • The look of the guide will change
  • The checklist, which is produced at the end of the guide, can be emailed to the person
  • The format and language of the checklists will be changed and simplified

The guide will still be accessible via the same quicklink on the front of the Magistrates' Court website.

These changes will not affect how the form is used.

 The changes will be reflected on our website from Monday 3 July 2017.