Weekend Bail & Remand Court

FAQ’s and operational information

Information last updated 17 March 2015

This information will be updated regularly.

1. How can I contact the registry on the weekend?

Phone: (03) 9628 7910

Phone: (03) 9628 7829

Fax: (03) 8615 3820

2. What registry services will be available during weekend sittings?

The Court undertakes to provide a limited service in order to support the operations of the weekend court and to give effect to the orders made within the courtroom.

During the period of the pilot the Registry will provide the following limited services:

  • cash receipting limited to entering of sureties into bail
  • bailing of accused and completion of the bail card
  • producing any paperwork to give effect to a magistrate’s order(s) in court
  • providing advice in relation to CISP or Credit appointments at the appropriate proper venue court
  • providing listing dates for remands, bail and bail applications at metropolitan courts.
  • general support to agencies appearing before the Court in the list on the day.
  • the building will be open to the public but access will only be available to the ground floor. 
  • staff will operate from the ground floor registry counters.  Court 1 will be the court room in use.  The bail room will be accessible for bail purposes.
  • registry services offered will be limited to tasks associated with the listing of matters before the court on that day. Additional services as would ordinarily be provided on any day at our counters or over the phone will not be offered under this pilot.
  • registry staff will issue Family Violence related applications that pertain to criminal matters listed on the weekend. 
  • No other day to day cash services with the exception of bail /surety will be offered, ie: no fines etc accepted.
  • Electronic signage on the ground floor will be updated to display messages relevant to the service provided on those days.
3. What time will the weekend sittings commence?
  • Court will commence at 10am and cease sittings at 4pm. 
4. What type of matters will be heard?
  • Remand and bail applications will be heard on these days.  The pilot will involve matters arising from Melbourne and metropolitan areas including Sunshine, Broadmeadows, Heidelberg, Ringwood, Dandenong, Frankston and Melbourne regions.  The hearings will take place with the accused appearing in person at Court. 
  • Where an accused appears in court and is remanded in custody by the magistrate the accused may be remanded to a date other than a Monday, allowing the Court to distribute its caseload across the week. 
5. Which police regions are included in the pilot?
  • The Pilot is confined to metropolitan Melbourne.
6. What days do bail justices remand to in the affected regions included in the pilot?
  • Bail Justices should remand to the next available day. i.e Friday night/Saturday morning remand to a Saturday session, if Saturday night/Sunday morning remand to Sunday session,   Sunday night/Monday morning remand to Monday session.
7. Is there a cut-off time for filing charges?
  • Cut off for listings will be 3pm.  All persons must be lodged with the Melbourne Custody Centre and all paperwork lodged with the registry by 3pm that day for listing.  Beyond this timeframe matters will be heard the following day.
  • Where an informant arrests and charges an accused and either takes the accused before a bail justice or presents the accused straight to a weekend court session, the informant will ensure that the charges and remand warrant (if any) are faxed to the Court to enable the registrar to initiate the charges on the Courtlink system.  The original documentation must accompany the accused and be provided to the registrar upon lodgement of the accused.
8  What support services will be available at court on the weekend?
  • Access to support services will not be available on the Saturday and Sunday.  If a request for an assessment is made, the court will have a list of dates for the assessment to be booked in and the appropriate support service will be notified.
9. What facilities are available for lawyers during the weekend court?
  • Victoria Legal Aid have an office on the ground floor of the building that they utilise. The bail room on the ground floor (in between Court rooms 1 & 2) can be used by Victoria Legal Aid solicitors and other practitioners to take instructions. The room will also be used by staff to enter accused into bail undertakings from the custody centre.
10. Will the Court be able to hear plea hearings?
  • Generally no. However, if a plea hearing is requested by all parties and is ready to proceed, the presiding Magistrate has discretion to proceed with the plea hearing.
11. Will the pilot be reviewed?
  • The pilot will be reviewed continually and will remain in place at this stage until 28/06/2015.

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