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Client Service Charter Brochure setting out the Client Service Charter of the Magistrates Court of Victoria

Brochure providing information about the Court Integrated Services Program (CISP)

Brochure outlining the purpose and procedures of the Criminal Justice Diversion Program

Brochure containing information about attending court at the Magistrates Court of Victoria

This publication is currently under review.  

Defendant's Guide Guide for Defendants considering having their matter heard in the Koori Court

Guide to the Koori Court for legal representatives

This publication is current as at 17 October 2014.

Information guide on the procedures to be followed to initiate proceedings in relation to a fencing dispute.

The Fencing Guide incorporates amendments as at 1 February 2015. 


Information Booklet providing information on the nature of stalking, strategies to manage personal safety and where to seek help, and a Intervention Order Pathway.

Victorian Bar - Mediators not on Victorian Bar or Law Institute of Victoria mediator lists

This brochure explains what registry staff can and cannot provide or do for you.

Brochure containing information about when you are summoned to attend court as a witness in the Magistrates' Court of Victoria.