Practice Directions 2007

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Industrial Division. This direction amends Practice Direction 3 of 2005 by restricting the use of the amended 'simplified Form 4A' to claims seeking no more than $10,000 in monetary relief only. Revoked by Practice Direction 11 of 2015.
Sexual Offences List - Melbourne Magistrates' Court. Repeals Practice Direction 1 of 2006
Sexual Offences List - Country Magistrates' Courts
Sexual Offences List - Suburban Magistrates' Courts - Child Complainants. Revoked by Practice Direction 2 of 2015.
Sexual Offences List - Witness Summonses - Confidential Communications. Revoked by Practice Direction 9 of 2016.
Mediation Pilot Programme. Directs as to the operation of a pilot mediation programme in the Civil Jurisdiction to be instituted at Broadmeadows Magistrates Court in conjunction with Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria
Pre-issue Mediation. Extends the operation of a pre-issue mediation programme in the Civil Jurisdiction at Broadmeadows Magistrates Court as directed in Practice Direction 6 of 2007