Data and Statistics Protocol

Please note: Due to a software upgrade, replies to data and information requests will be temporarily delayed between 17 May and 24 June 2018.  

Data published in the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria (MCV) annual reports and on the website is available for public use.

Data is also available from the Sentencing Advisory Council or the Crime Stats Agency.

Before submitting a data request, please confirm the data you seek is not publicly available.

If data is not publicly available, you can request it by sending an email to

When a data request is submitted, the following details must be provided:

o    the exact data required, including the date range

o    the purpose of the request, including the intended use of the data.

MCV staff will confirm the availability of the requested data, as well as any cost and timeframes associated with the production of the data.

MCV will endeavour to service all data requests within 20 business days. If these timelines cannot be met, you will be contacted and advised of an expected response time.