Traffic Offences

MCV hears and determines numerous traffic offences including:

  • speeding
  • careless driving
  • drive while disqualified
  • fail to give way
  • drink driving
  • committals into indictable traffic offences.

For information regarding traffic infringements or penalty notices (speeding fines, parking fines) please see Fines and Penalties.

MCV also hears applications for:

  • Licence Eligibility Orders for people who have been disqualified from obtaining a licence for offences such as drink and/or drug driving
  • a reduction in time required between obtaining assessments for a Licence Eligibility order application
  • Alcohol Interlock Condition Removal Orders’ to remove an alcohol interlock condition from a licence
  • a direction to VicRoads, in relation to participants of the VicRoads alcohol interlock administrative scheme, that a participant was not responsible for a certain alcohol interlock violation. 

Information regarding requirements prior to applying for a Licence Eligibility Order, and when and for how long an alcohol interlock condition will be imposed, can be found in the Driver’s Licence Eligibility Order Guide

Further information regarding the application for a direction to VicRoads can be found on the Application for Direction (Alcohol Interlock) FAQ page. 

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